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World Family Method

A Natural Way to Learn English

From the time they are born, children have the innate ability to learn any spoken language. We leverage that power through our proprietary Play Along! program for children aged 0 to 2, and through our flagship product, Disney’s World of English, designed for children 2 years and older. The language “input” provided through these products is recycled and reinforced through a vast array of World Family Club services that provide the language “output” opportunities, with native English speakers, which children need in order to maximize English fluency.

This synergy -- thousands of hours of carefully designed and structured English language input coupled with a wide array of ELL support services, lies at the heart of the World Family Method.


“I encourage many friends to buy DWE because of its comprehensive learning method and structure. The Disney characters are highly attractive to my daughter. I use the product together with her, and thereby we can watch her growth and development daily. This is the most important thing to us.”

Family Name: Mr. and Mrs. Chen
Child: Bella (3)

Country: Taiwan

“We started to use Disney’s World of English in 2012, my four children love the products very much. They like singing DWE’s songs together and playing with the Mickey pen. My elder daughter is now 6 years old, and she sometimes takes the role of a little teacher for telling DWE stories to her younger brothers and sisters. DWE helps my children not only in English proficiency, but also it helps them to build a good relationship with each other.”

Family Name: Mr. and Mrs. Ng
Children: Flora (6), Gabriel (4), Harmony (3), and Lason (1)

Country: Hong Kong

“Our daughter now understands conversation and can answer in English. I am glad that she is not studying English, but rather learning it naturally and expressing her thoughts freely. We are so happy.”

Family Name: Mr. and Mrs. Han
Child: Ryu (4)

Country: South Korea

“For me, as an ordinary Japanese boy, DWE was not only an educational product for learning English, but also the path to the whole new world. The joy of knowing new things and people in this wide world has been the core of my career challenge.”

DWE Graduate
Name: Yuto Yanagawa
Occupation: Working for a Government Agency in Japan

Country: Japan