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The Evolution of Disney's World of English

Product Evolution -timeline-

An Introduction to Disney's World of English

Through our long term license relationship with The Walt Disney Company, we developed the first edition of Disney’s World of English (DWE) in the late 1970’s. Over the succeeding decades, we have continuously enhanced and expanded DWE, leveraging new technologies to enliven and enrich our DWE users’ learning experience and achieve optimal English fluency outcomes. Through the present day, we have invested more than US$60 million in the development of DWE and Play Along! (Play Along! being the youngest child’s developmental and learning bridge to DWE). Together with our World Family Club services, DWE and Play Along! present the most complete and effective ELL solution available to children anywhere in the world.

A Brief History of Disney's World of English

Anne Dow
Director of ESL Programs
Harvard University

Our products, services and learning methodology are rooted in our close relationship with Anne R. Dow, the Director of Harvard University’s Department of Programs of English as a Second Language, and the team of world class linguists and developers she brought together to develop ELL programs exclusively for World Family English. Anne, like many of our expert developers through the years, was a key consultant and longtime shareholder of the Company.

Dr. Diane Warshawsky
Phd Linguist and Developer of DWE

Among these experts was Diane Warshawsky, Phd, a preeminent linguist who became the principal author of Play Along! and Disney's World of English. Our decades-long association with Dr. Warshawsky and other key linguists and ELL product developers produced the products that are widely recognized as the finest and most effective ELL programs for children in the world.

Karen Brock
MS Linguist
DWE Editorial Director

Today, continuing evolution and enhancement of Play Along! and Disney’s World of English, and the expansion of our line of ELL products and services, are managed by our team of expert developers, headed by linguist Karen Brock. Karen brings more than twenty years of educational publishing experience in both print and digital content for Asian learners to World Family.

Disney's World of English Components