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World Family Club - Philosophy

World Family Club is the centerpiece of our unique and highly effective learning methodology. World Family Club offers a broad array of events, activities and services that not only engage children and their families but also amplify the effectiveness of our products by activating strong socio-biological principles of Natural Language Acquisition.

World Family Club - Services

World Family Club provides a rich, engaging experience for our member children in the form of live events, telephone and video English lessons, summer camps, travel abroad, the World Family Magazine, an interactive website, support services for parents, and an achievement program encouraging children to experience all facets of our ELL programs as they were designed to be used and enjoyed.

In addition to regular services, events and activities within each local market, World Family Club also offers annual seminars and adventures in the United States and conducts immersion programs and intercultural exchanges with U.S. schools.

World Family Club utilizes an array of fun and engaging characters that appear regularly throughout our many service offerings.

World Family Club - Characters