World Family English - Global Leadership in ELL Solutions

CEO Message

I’m Robert Parker, CEO of World Family English.

We make the world’s finest English language learning programs for children. All based on principles of natural language acquisition, as reflected in our World Family Method.

With the support of The Walt Disney Company, our long-time business partner, we developed and introduced our flagship product, Disney’s World of English, more than 35 years ago, initially in Japan.

As we’ve expanded to other markets in Asia we’ve invested more than 60 million US dollars in the continuing renewal and enhancement of Disney’s World of English.

Combined with our unique Play Along program for children aged 0 to 2, Disney’s World of English is the complete English language learning solution for every child. Our products provide the child with thousands of hours of English language input. All expertly designed and skillfully structured for the child to become a fluent English speaker in the convenience and security of the home. And with our World Family Club services, children enjoy and learn from thousands more hours of fun and interactive English output activities. With our highly trained, native English speaking teachers, performers and staff, our services reinforce and extend the English language fluency children achieve by using our products.

English is the global language. And non-English speaking children must have English language fluency to realize their full potential. We deliver the English fluency outcomes that children need and their parents want for them. Starting from the youngest possible age, our children learn English naturally. Through programs and services that are fun, engaging, and fully interactive. All unmatched in value and effectiveness.

Robert A. Parker