World Family English - Global Leadership in ELL Solutions

Corporate Vision

Assuring English Fluency Outcomes and Empowering Children to Achieve Their Dreams

English language proficiency helps children realize their full potential, making dreams come true. We work to develop this proficiency in our product users and World Family Club member children each and every day.

We strive to create citizens of the world who, as non-native English speakers, are at ease in speaking English. We develop and provide fun and fulfilling products and services that leverage children’s natural curiosity and language learning potential. And we provide continuous opportunities for authentic English language communication and fluency achievement.

Unlike schools or classes in which children are “taught” English for a very limited number of hours in a given week or month, our expertly designed ELL programs are continuously available to children, providing thousands of hours of English language input in the comfort and security of the home. Through our ELL programs and support services, children acquire English language fluency naturally, in fun, engaging and interactive ways.